Get the right information in front of you at all times Challenge Pre-Event video 11 days

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Are you ready to Fix Your 1-20 Million Dollar Business?


Then you need to be in on our challengephoto 1


This exciting 5 day online event will help you fix your business.


Do you have the critical information you need to run your business and make decisions available at your finger tips right now?

As a 1-20 million dollar business – you now can have all this, right there, now.

  • How much cash do you have available?

  • What does you A/R look like?

  • How much do you need this week to pay you A/P?

  • How much do you need to cover payroll this week?

  • What are you sales?

  •          Today

  •          This week, month, quarter?

  • Where are sales compared to budget and projection?

  • Billings by employee?

  • Credit lines, credit cards – where are you?


Everything you need on a simple, easy to ready dashboard.


This will be day 2 of our challenge

Don’t miss this event.

You need to be in on the challenge.

Fix Your 1-20 Million Dollar Business? Day 2 will address this issue.


To find out more about the challenge click here

If you have any questions prior to during or after the challenge, you can always email me.