Building Your Company Requires Extra-Ordinary Leadership and Sales

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The world is changing at an astronomical rate – technology is shifting at an ever-increasing exponential rate.  Every day there is something new to help you grow your business.  Something to help you get amazing results.  What are you to do?  How are you to find the best solution?


But when push comes to shove.

When the lights go low.

When you are sitting in the office long after everyone else is gone.


There are still only two things you need to grow an extra-ordinary business and you have to have them both to make it happen in the long term.

Simply put:

Extra-ordinary leadership.

Extra-ordinary selling.

New Book From The Coach
New Book From The Coach


If you have both of these, you can and will work through all the other issues that come up.


Weakness in either area will cause you to fail and often to go out of business. I will share a couple of stories with you today.


Company number one was going all the way.  Their top line was busting sales records every year in their industry.  They were on the fastest-growing lists and getting a bunch of rewards and recognitions.

But even with all those dollars coming in, their leadership was weak, simply put, it sucked.  And this led to them losing business and eventually falling to a level that was 25% of their peak.  They really looked like they were on their way out of business.


The good news is – they got the leadership they needed and today are climbing back to the top, but this time it will be different.  They plan to stay there, and they have made sure they have both the right leadership and an extra-ordinary sales process.


Our second story is about a company with excellent leadershipthat was doing great.  A story of a company with some of the best leaders in their industry.  People who had great relationships to get their business growing and making money.  They were leaders in the industry and they were rocking.


But again, you need leadership and sales to make it happen.  So once the smoke cleared, they really had no sales process and no way to continue their growth.  Their leadership skill had greatly helped them get to where they were, but what now?  Their sales fell off and they were falling quickly to the bottom.


The good thing was, their leadership saw the sales problem was starting to happen and attacked it aggressively in time.  They brought in a sales process which is now taking them back up to the top of their industry.


There you have two great stories of companies in trouble because they did not have both leadership and sales, but were able to turn it around.  However, I could also tell you dozens of stories of companies that did not react quickly enough to turn it around.  Or even worse, stories of organizations that could have been great but stayed in the mediocre instead and never made the move to extra-ordinary.


Are you ready to build your company and take it to the extreme?

Today I want to share 3 tips with you that will help you move to extra-ordinary.


1/        Sales

You have to have a hard commitment to increasing your business.  You have to have a solid sales process. Tested, tried, modified, updated and monitored.

Stay on top of it.

If it is not working then find and fix the issue so you can keep going.  Get the process back on track.


Get the help you need.

Remember that if you are not growing, you are dying; no one can just stay even.


2/        Leaders

Often the leaders who got you to step “A” and who have done a great job for you, are not necessarily those who can take you to the next level.  Or worse, they might be happy where they are and are not interested in taking that next step.


Keep your leadership team focused.  Focused on the long term 10 years out.  Focused on the mid-term 3 years out.  Focus on the next 90 days in detail.


Train them, get them together with others they can learn from and grow with. Develop them into extra-ordinary leaders.  Yes, sometimes they will leave and go to the competition or become the competition. But you have to be willing to take that chance.


3/        Listen to your players

At all levels.


You might not do everything they want, but you need to listen to them.

Because it is amazing what people will tell you if you open them up.


In the stories of failure, I can tell you that often people in the organization knew they were going the wrong way and this would not work.  Many inside knew ways to fix it and make it work, but no one listened.


There you have it.

Leadership and sales

The two keys to taking your organization to new levels of success


Are you ready to get on board andtake the steps you need to move forward?


If you are, then get ahold of me and let’s talk.

We only work with a selected few companies, but we would love to talk with you and see if we could help take you and your organization to the next level.


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