5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

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I was asked the question this morning, “what are the 3-5 best ways to achieve your goals?  So, I thought I would share that answer with all of you out there today as a blog post.  Thanks, Johnathan, for the question.


We all talk about goals – but we never really answer the question, “how do I make them happen?”  So today, I am going to take a shot at it. Understand, these are not the only answers, but also understand, doing them will help you move forward.


So, here we go.


1/        Consistency

Everyday do something toward your goals, no matter how little.

Every morning and every evening before you retire, write your goals down.

No breaks, no excuses.

(The most successful people do it, I got it from Grant Cardone.)

Every day.

You see, the consistency makes it happen.


2/        Daily plan of action

Nothing happens until you do something.

Wishing, hoping, dreaming all good, but they don’t make it happen.

Know what you are going to do today and when.  And know it the night before by building a schedule. (90 Days to Your Success).

Review your goals and make sure you are touching each one in some way today.


3/        Persistence

Never give up.

You might be struggling with a goal.  If so, then bring it to the surface and work it hard.

Do not get sucked into forgetting it, or letting it drop.

Instead, focus on it, make it top of mind.

Work through it and make it happen.

Failure is not an option.


4/        Attitude

Wake up and do as I teach in my new book.

Jump out of bed and say, “I am Amazing.”

Because you are amazing and the sooner you come to understand it the better.

Say, “Today I, will work my goals.”

Then do it.


5/        Measurement

Do not be afraid of the results compared to the goals.front(1)

But, definitely know what they are.

Look at the numbers every day.

Let them drive you forward.


There you have it.

Simple yet easy.

Thanks, Johnathan, for the push with this question today.


Now, get out there and make it happen.


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