2 Keys to Great Marketing Success

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2 Keys to Great Marketing Success

Right Content, Right Audience


Is your ladder leaning against the right building?

Do you have the right tools in your tool belt to work the problem you are climbing the ladder to fix?

One of our tools to help you in making those adjustments
One of our tools to help you in making those adjustments

So many times, I work with people missing one or both. They wonder why their program is not working. Why are they not getting more business? Why are they not attracting the customers they know they can help?

Today, I want to simply take an overview look at both. Then in the following two articles, I want to give you more detail on each one.


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  1. Right Audience.

The answer I usually get when I ask – who is your best prospect, your ideal prospect. In other words, who are you targeting to go after?

The answer – everyone, anyone, all.
At this point, I know at least part of the answer as to why the program is not working and why it is not creating the desired results.
Amazon can answer that way because they have so much money, time, people, and energy, but you cannot. And even in the case of Amazon, they have their defined targets and segments to go after, much more than you think. So even they will not answer that way.
Do you need to define who would be the best buyer for your product or service? Look at your existing customer base to learn a great deal. Many times, the key is right there.
Get as tight as you can in defining the prospect
20 million dollar financial software user.
Get finer.
Accounting software user of product xyz.
Get finer.
Manufacturing firm.
Get finer.
In the USA
Get finer.
In the chemical industry.
Do you get the message?
The tighter your market definition, the better your results on your marketing.
  1. Content

What are the pains of the audience you are going after?

What are the questions they have been asking?
What are they regularly struggling to deal with?
How are they getting the help they need?
Are they getting help?
How are you composing the message to reach your audience?
What will attract them to you?
Make them take action.
What don’t you know about the audience?
What questions can put out there that will help you to find out?
How can your content get the right message across?
A message that answers these questions and gets the person to take some action to connect with you.
How good is your content to ask the right questions?
But also, how good is your content?
Is it almost perfect?
If not, get the skills you need to write almost perfect content.
Content is king.
If you are determined to use marketing – get a content writer – it is a must-have.
The content must:
            Attract potential buyers.
            It must get read by them.
            It must create an action, so they do something other than leave.
Content that doesn’t do all three of these doesn’t work.
Plain and simple.
You have to invest in have the right content and the right resources to create it.
So there are two keys to successful marketing. Over the next couple of sessions, we will go into each in detail.
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