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060  Focus and You Will Excel

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Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

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Today has all you need to work on right now.

So many of us worry about the future while we allow today to crumble apart.

You have customers and prospects who you need to focus on today.

You need to call the prospect back and make that appointment.

You need to get that proposal done because it has now been sitting for a week.

Stop chasing that “Shinny Object” and go and work on what will help you right now.


The process can make you lose your purpose.

You need to generate more business and to do that you have to do more prospecting. Yet you are sitting here thinking about it. Why?

Action creates success.

Start taking action and focus on the outcome and you will be amazed at what happens.

Get faster on your feet.

Yes, you need some preparation but not that much.


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No one can get them all nor do you want to


Stop and remember that the tighter your niche, the greater your chance of success and the larger you can build your business.

Define a tight market.

Identify who they are.

Identify all you can about them.

And then, go for gold – take action.


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