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055  Sales Tools, Tools and More Tools

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Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

How do you make sure you are working the best prospects?

1/        What is the best tool for you?

You must first understand these simple points:

            A/        Who it is you want to go after – your target market?

            B/        What product(s) or service(s) are you going to offer?

            C/        Is this tool an excellent one to use?

            D/        How does it fit into your strategic and tactical plans.

2/        How do you stop all the static and not get sucked in?

So let’s go back and ask the questions again:

     A/        What is your direction?

     B/        What is your budget?

     C/        Where are you already spending your resources?

     D/        How much additional resource do you have to generate to make this work?

     E/        What do you know about this tool you are looking at?  Do you know enough?


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Do not get sucked into every tool out there.

However,also remember, do not be so cautious that you miss the perfect tool for you.

Don’t hesitate when you find the product that matches your need and it fits.

That is why it is critical that you built both a solid strategic and tactical plan.


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