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049 Success Means Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

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Subject:  Building your business!

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Success means picking the right people to surround you.


1/      Make sure they share your values.

 Always remember that success means to walk the walk. 

 Write down your values; itis a great little exercise to help you grow.2D-2



2/      Make certain their character defaults to the high moral ground in times of stress

Stress is part of leadership and when the times get rough – you know, the tough get going.  

You do what your team will do. 

When you look at the fall of great leaders, you usually also see the fall of those around them.  Success means taking that high moral ground.


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3/      Ensure they are bright and comprehend results


It means they know how to decide and do not procrastinate or hesitate while the opportunity flies by.           

It means they know because they have watched you as you show them success.


4/      Be confident in their loyalty.

When times get tough,when you need help, when they must step up and take your side, they do. 

They are always there for you, so set the example of being there for them. 

            Do not, however, surround yourself with a bunch of “yes” people.  Thisis not loyalty.  In fact, “yes” people are usually the first ones to turn.



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