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040  Are you hiring the wrong salespeople and not cutting them before you should?

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Test sales reps before you hire them.Photo on 6-17-17 at 2.58 PM

Have you ever looked at what a bad hire costs you?


Make your prospective sales reps take a personality test before you hire them.



(If you need a company that can help you with testing, let me know).


 If part of the rep’s job will be to make calls, then you need to test them, right now?






If you clearly define expectations, it is very clear when they are not met.

            What do you expect from the sales rep?

            When do you expect it?

            From daily tasks to sales results to work habits.


            No gray areas. I hate gray.2D-2

            All clear.

            Now when they don’t follow the expectations, you can clearly see it.







Do not hesitate to terminate reps who fail to meet Your expectations.


            No one wants to fire anyone.


            So why when it comes to sales reps are we so slow to take action?

            A salesperson has a job, as a goal and a timetable.

            If they are not even close – then what should you do?


You don’t know how many business owners I meet who are losing sleep, getting distracted and losing productivity because they just can’t fire the rep. 

Action happens when people stop thinking and start doing.

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