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039Letting Technology Do What It Does Best So Sales People Can Sell

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Subject:  Selling

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We know that people do business with people they like, yet are we putting the right amount of effort into building relationships?

1/         Commit to making CRM a critical part of your business process.

It takes a great effort and commitment of both time and money?
CRM is not optional in today’s business world; it is a required.

2/         Teach yourself and your team relationship building skills.

How to listen – effectively.
How to ask questions that make people think and then shut up and listen to their answers.
How to show the prospect that you are truly interested – that you really do care.

Ask for referrals, why would you hesitate. 

3/         Build, document and require everyone to use your follow-up process.

This is where technology shines.
This is what CRM does for you – if you make it a standard and a requirement.
This is where you can build automated processes and campaigns that do most of this automatically, or at least let you know what and when.

Are you ready to make it happen for you?

Marrying, technology and relationships – online and offline to make you and your business a tremendous success. 

Action happens when people stop thinking and start doing.

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