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037. Lead Generation and Live Events

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Subject:  Marketing

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What you should be doing with your events to make this happen.

1/        Talk to your attendees.

            Talk to the people before, during and after the event.

                Ask if this was one of the greatest events they ever attended.

                If not, what would have made this one of the greatest events that they ever attended.




What wasn’t there?

What should be there?

What could be there?


2/        Stop hesitating

Stop hold back from doing what you know is a 100 percent solution to help this event or this display be outstanding.

What happens when your event or you exhibit at an event is only 60 or 70 percent of what it could be?  Heck what happens when it is only 90 percent?




3/        Make it great by building a team

Get all the players involved.

Your exhibitors, your speakers your vendors, even the manufactures.

Get them talking and working together long before the event.

Have them build strong relationships long before the day of the event.


If you put on the events or if you participate.

Let’s kick the game up another notch.


The event industry is very hot today and it offers a great opportunity to do face to face.

Where people can get together

Where people can talk to many different people.

Because we do so much that isn’t face to face an event can be a key lead generator for you.




Make your event 110 percent

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