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032   Simple Sales 101

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Subject:  Sales

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Some simple things to work on:

1.    Record yourself and then play it back.
Do you really sound as good as you think?
Or have you gotten weak?
How is your voice doing?
How clear are you speaking?
It sounds a whole lot different hearing yourself on a recorder.

2.    How well do you know your products?
       When was the last time you changed up your presentation?
       Are you starting to sound like an old record?
       Add something new, change things around, practice and make it smooth.  

3.    How well do you know your competitors’ products?
When was the last time you studied their stuff?
Practice answering a question a client might ask.

4.    How is your listening?
       Take time and listen to some educational stuff or to other people talking.
       Did you really get what they were saying?
       Take time and listen to your spouse.
       Take time and listen to your children.
       Practice understanding what was really said.

5.    Work with a partner.
Let someone else who is honest tell you how you’re doing.
Let them play the buyer.
Would they buy from you?
Where do you need improvement?

These are just a few things you can practice.
Remember to be great in sports, music and most other things in life you need to practice – now apply that to selling.

I know you think you are that good.  And, as I always say – it is
critical to be positive and have that great attitude.

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