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029. Keeping Customers Is So Much Easier Than Finding New Ones!

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Subject:  Customers

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They were in their pursuit of getting me back as a client.


But the question is – where were they when I was a customer?


Why hadn’t they used that same relentlessness that they were using right now to get me back?

Why, when I was a customer, couldn’t I get hold of anyone?

Why did it take forever to get an answer?

Why was there always a reason they couldn’t do it?

Why did I never hear from them except when the bill was due?

Why did I never see them?


 5 questions:


1/        Am I treating my customers like I really want their business?

2/        Am I there when they don’t expect it?

3/        Do I stay connected with them just to let them know I care?

4/        Am I listening to them?

5/        Do I pursue building my business with them?




If you treat your customer like they are still prospects, they might respect you more.

Act like you are as excited about them as you were before they started doing business with you.

In fact, you should be even more excited.


Keeping a customer is so much easier than trying to get a new one to replace them.



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