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025 Generating Leads for Speakers with SpeakerMatch Founder Bryan Caplovitz

Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: Leads for Speakers

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Getting leads for speakers – how to make it happen.  Interview with Bryan Caplovitz, CEO and Founder of SpeakerMatch.


Speaker Match

Online board for speakersBryan_Caplovitz_225px_headshot

Officially started 2002

When started on online speaker bureau no one searched online, today everyone looks there.


Job Board for speakers – especially for the emerging market of speakers.




Alternative to speaker bureau

Primarily working with those in the under $5000 per engagement market



Really a one of a kind business

Everyone can see the opportunities out there and apply to any that look like a fit.



Helping more speakers get booked than anyone else.


If meeting planner gets in last minute jam, they can put up a need on Speaker Match and find the speaker.

Great connection tool.


You as a member have access to all the needs out there in Speaker Match.


You can put yourself out there and let people find you on Speaker Match as well.


Create an online profile on Speaker Match


You can be out on the site, visible to many for less than $10 a month.

If you are in Speaker Match you also increase your visible in online search.

People look for speakers on Speaker Match for all and every kind of event


Speaker Match has an large database of speakers and events.


Keeping you in front of the people that need speakers.

Keeping events and opportunities in front of you the speaker.

Motivational/inspirational speakers is the biggest need.

Entertaining, interesting,


Not standing behind the podium


Success with getting speaker work.

Apply for an opportunity – but don’t stop there.

Follow up

Stay connected.

            Send the meeting planner something in the mail.

            Make sure the meeting planner knows you want the job.


$9.99  to get on Speaker Match every 4 weeks plus a fee to apply to each job.

$49.95 Unlimited application fee – apply to all jobs you want.

Additional options available – go to the site.





1/        High chance to be found by meeting planners.

Speaker Match will help you get visibility in search engines.

2/        You will get some leads



31 of 32 people who want to become professional speaker fail in the first year.


Speaker Match educates you and increases your chances of being the one in 32.

Connection Data for Bryan:

866 372 8768





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