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Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: Email Marketing

Email just like cold calling is alive and well.

A great way to get people to buy. 



Contant Contact


Stop leaving money on the table – stay in front of your contacts consistently.


Your email has to be educational – always.

Your email has to have a call to action.

Commitment to create content – a weekly piece gives you 50 pieces of content you can do other stuff with!


You have to send it out regularly – pick a time frame and commit to it.


Sending out for other people and getting them to send emails for you to their list.


52 week campaign to stay in front of, educate and get the people on your list to take action.


Build your list – always ask – Can I put you on my list?





Landing pages

Call to action – free giveaway to get their email address.

Facebook Advertising

Give away – send to landing page – capture email.



You have to make them part of your tribe.


CTA – Call to action

You have to give them something to do.

Use action words.


Get your emails edited, make them look professional.

Use Fiver.


Focus on what is important to your audience.


The tools use are important.

Do you need a shopping Cart?

Do you take Credit Cards?

What can your budget handle?


Track, understand and manage.

How many opens do you get?

How good is your list?

How many people go to your landing page?

How many people fill out the form?

How Manny calls/meetings do you get?

How many closed deals do you get?

How much revenue do you generate from them?



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