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TLG/013 – Targeted Lead Generation

Creating Landing Pages That Build Your Email List

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Subject: Landing Pages at Build Your Email List

A landing page is a page that is set up for a specific purpose and the only way to get here is from and ad or a link. The purpose is to get an email address and give the person something in return.

 Landing Pages Can:

           Can help build you most important asset – you email list
            It can get your material in the hands of people who need it
            It can get people to call you.
            It can help you create a monster list.


You have to decide what do you have to give away.

            White paper
            Check list
            Part of an ebook
            Special report.


Next you have to decide the why

            Why would some one want this
            What would make someone what it.
            What could you do to get them interested
            In other words you need an ad.
            And you need some ad copy

Next you have to decide what platforms you want to run this on.

            Social media
            Others to mail out for you


Then you have to design and build the landing page

            Remember what I said.
            They have to give you their data


Then you put it all together

            Then you start testing it
            Then you release it
            Then you monitor it
            Then you adjust it so it screams success.



                        Writing the white paper, or check list or ebook.
                        Writing the ad copy – best place to put your money.
                        Building landing page
                        Cost of advertising
                        Question really is, what is an email name worth to you
                        A qualified good email name?


Measurement is very important

Short term

            Total dollars spent
            Number of people who saw add
            Number of people who clicked on ad
            Number of people who converted
            Total cost of project divided by number of names equals cost per name.


Long term

            Number of converted people that brought other stuff


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