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TLG/012 – Targeted Lead Generation

Speed Networking with Coach Manny
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Subject: Speed Networking

Events are usually very loud – controlling the sound is important, but the connections you make are worth the trip.


Chamber, lead group and other associations should have speed networking events.  Great way to get new members

Speed networking can help you connect with 12-15 new people in one hour.


Go if you get an invitation.


If you travel, look for these events, better than watching TV in evening.


How long does it take to realize if there is a opportunity to build a relationship – much faster than an hour 1v1.

Great start to relationship building.


This gets you in front of a lot of people in a short time!


15 people in one hour – how else can you talk with that many new people in an hour?


If you are going to host an event:

30 to 100 people at event.

This way people get at least 15 encounters.

Best if you have 2 people tables.

Musical chairs format is the worst.

Need space between people.

Need a movement process – one person moves/ one side.  Same people move every time.

Best 3 minutes total, 1.5 minutes for each person.


The conversation:

Exchange business cards first.

Know what you are going to say.

Share benefits what you have could be to someone else

Share quickly but effectively.

Write on back of card

   If good connection – schedule another meeting.


Give as much information as possible about you that benefits them.


Follow up is key to making this work, you must do it.

It is a fast pace event.


Remember if you get a chance to go – GO!

Cost $10-$20 normal.


High-end event could cost you much more but the people coming could be worth the investment.



5 meetings over next month.

2 set that night.


Connection Data:

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