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TLG/003 – Targeted Lead Generation

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Subject: Networking

No one is to shy!

Introverts can be great.


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How To:



What can the technique do for you?

Learn from others.

Ask questions.

Watch those who are really good.


The Process:

You have to be approachable

Stand by yourself

Make eye contact – there is nothing on the floor of interest


Stand by food

Stand by entry way


Hi, my name is Manny.



Have these ready.

Put together a list to keep people talking

Get copy of the book – it has questions in it.



Costs –

The event cost, can be high for some events, but if the payback is there, well worth it.




Remember the person’s name

Use it 6 times in the first 5 minutes.

Get out 2-3 times a week and start meeting people.

Take some chances.


Remember 90% of the people out there are worse networkers than you are.


Measure – where you leads come from.  Track you leads.


Where do you start:

Get out there.

Go to events.


Your Pitch:

Just like you were in your living room talking


Follow up:

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Connection Data:

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