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TLG/002 – Targeted Lead Generation

Cold Calling with Coach Manny 0006

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Subject: Cold Calling


It Does Work!

It is a numbers game.

100 calls – 4 hours.

10 Appointments

1 deal



You have to make the calls.


Need to build your sales – get a list, a phone and start making calls


How To:

1/   Get best list

2/   Get a phone

3/   Build a script

4/   Know how to deal with gatekeepers

5/   Block out time

6/   Determine number of calls you are going to do

7/   Pump yourself up

8/   Go for the “no”


What can the technique do for you?

Move faster

Get you in doors

Get new clients

Get dollars coming in


Costs –

Maybe the list, then go.


Don’t ever believe cold calling is dead – it is alive, well and generating business

Consistency – cold calling is a numbers game.

Average: 100 calls, 10 appointments, 1 deal.


Sales Leaders – pick up the phone and make some calls with your team.

How them the way

Pump them up


Greatest enemy of cold calling is hesitation


How to make the calls:

Hi, this is Manny, just calling ——pain statement.



Before 8AM and After 5PM

Become their friend.

Remember their name

Use their name

Use a name they will recognize and respect

Get them talking


Developing a good list:

Never sell up, always sell down.

Call the CEO

Let the CEO refer you – the CEO just told me to call you.


Use an outside firm to make the calls for you if you don’t want to!

Never send things – but you can drop them off



18-25 calls an hour

Gatekeeper, voice mail, got through – track these.


Where do you start:


10 calls a day will get you started


Connection Data:

Coach Manny – manny@mannynowak.com


856 358 4021

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