Lost Inbound Calls Cost You Dearly

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I loved the product – wanted to talk to the vendor about it – but no one answered the phone when I called.


Filled out the form – never got a call – even tried to call them myself – no answer.


Tried to call them, didn’t have a name – got into a mailbox software product that would not listen.


Frustrated callers equal lost customers.


We do so much work on our cell phones and email and text that often we forget that the listing for our company, the website, and many other sources is our office phone number. If no one picks it up or it doesn’t work right – your call is never answered and you lose.


People don’t keep trying to call  – they move on to NEXT!


Recently, I was trying to call an organization I am a member of – I didn’t have a name of who could help me with my issue; thus – I could not even get past the phone system.  I was and am still an unhappy camper.


Three keys you need to check on your connections to make sure you are not losing business.


1/         Check that your number is listed correctly everywhere it appears on the Internet.

There are over 70 search engines, and many of your listings could be out of date, especially if you moved.


How many prospectus do you know that will search for you again and again – next!

There is actually software out there to help you with this – check with us to learn more.


2/         If you use an automated phone handlers, make sure the first option is to hit “O” for an operator and that the option actually works.

Make sure it links the call to someone who is always there during business hours and is checking messages all day and definitely first thing in the morning.  People don’t have patience.


The cost of a live person is within reason – and actually the best solution even in today’s technology driven world.  Most people hate machines, even those who love automation.


3/         Make sure whoever answers the phone is customer loving,

Prospect enjoying,

And really cares about the people who call your company.


If I am a salesperson or other caller who is trying to sell you, that is one thing.

But if I am a prospect or, even more, if I am a customer,


Getting someone in your company should be the easiest and most rewarding experience I have today.  It should be memorable.


Is that the case in your organization?  Will people talk about it to others because they had a great experience?  “I never had a person be so kind, considerate, and helpful as when I called XYZ company.”


Do you know that thousands of callers get lost every day because the phone system sucks?


Thousands more move on to the next company.  They do not want to play with your answering machine or get frustrated because it doesn’t work right.


Thousands more are lost when a rude, uninvolved person answers the phone.  Someone too busy, someone not interested, someone with other priorities.



Need some help? Let’s look at this and connect you with the right solution to help you keep from losing any customers or potential customers.   There are great solutions out there to help you make it happen.



Remember – we are always here to help you and your business to grow.  You are the leader.


Leaders need help also – spend 15 minutes on the phone and see if I can help you with anything.

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