Is Your Sales Process as Strong as the Wind?

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Sales success is a lot like the wind blowing across a field on a windy day.






Have you ever thought about the power of the wind?

It can blow against something again and again and again – until it wins.

We have seen the power of its persistence in hurricanes, in winter snow storms.


Strong – speed increasing, powerful.



Now, take a moment and apply that power of the wind, to your sales process?


What if:

You kept calling that prospect?

You kept pursuing the deal on the table?

You kept sending them email?

You kept stopping in?


What if you were like the wind – blowing away all doubt that you weren’t the right solution and closing the deal.


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What if you were consistent?

Called every day/week/month?

Sent out regular email?

Stopped by every week/month?

Made it known that you wanted their business and would do what you needed to get it?

(always remember – you can do whatever, as long as it is legal, moral and ethical.)


Never let up!


What if you were persistent?

Not letting “NO” get in your way?

Not letting others talk you down?

Not letting your loss of rounds 1, 2, 3 or even 10 stop you.


It would be amazing what would happen to you.

You would get the deal.

All because, just like the wind, you never gave up.


This year – develop an attitude that’s just like the wind – once you qualify a prospect, be relentless in pursuing them.

It might take a bit.

It might take a long while.

But, just like the wind, finally victory will be yours.


I remember breaking a major Pharmaceutical client.

I had to be like the wind. First, it took months to find the right connection.

Then, it took months to final get them on the phone.

Then, it took months and more months of asking for an opportunity.

Finally, 12 months into the process, I called them, and their answer was music to my ears.

“Manny, you never give up do you.

I just so happen to have an opportunity for you, can you stop by tomorrow afternoon?”


This week, I encourage you to begin to be like the wind.






Make a list of the top 25 qualified prospects you want to do business with.

Then, layout a consistent, persistent, wind-driven plan to go after them.

Be relentless in your persistence.

Write it down.

Then do it.


Remember these words of wisdom from “The Five Hour Work Day.”

“It’s not what you know, it’s not even who you know; it’s what you implement that counts.”


Get out there, implement this process, and watch what happens.



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