How to Make A Winning Halftime Adjustment in Your Business

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In the world of sports, we often see the coaches making critical halftime adjustments that make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.ebook (3)

Just the other day – college football national championship – Georgia versus Alabama. The first half of the game looked like a mellow game, with Alabama on the right path to win. Georgia made some halftime adjustments, which made the game end in their favour. (I am a Gators fan myself).

In business, it works the same way. We see successful businesses make halftime adjustments. They stop, evaluate and make the halftime adjustments. As a coach and leadership trainer, I deal with this all the time. When the right halftime adjustments are made, the results are amazing.

If you are not winning the game of business, then is it time for you to make some halftime adjustments?

An example I will share with you today relates to hiring the right resources for your company. This story is about a company losing great potential candidates during the hiring process. The company was bringing the right candidates to the door, but they could not close the deal, and the candidates ended up somewhere else.

They clearly needed to stop this issue. In short, they needed to make a halftime adjustment.

They learned that their communications between interview and offer were very poor. There were few communications, which made many candidates uncomfortable, so they took another offer, even though they wanted to work for this firm.

One of our tools to help you in making those adjustments
One of our tools to help you in making those adjustments

By making the halftime adjustment that made sure they stayed connected with all candidates they wanted to hire, they went from losing over 50% of their candidates to losing less than 15%. They won.

But to be successful, you have to make those adjustments. In sports, it is easier – at halftime, there is a break. The coaches meet to discuss, make and communicate those changes. In business, you have to create that halftime to make those adjustments.

As the leader, call a break. “It is halftime, and we need to make some needed adjustments.” Discuss, communicate the changes, and execute. Let’s look at how you could make this happen in your business.

  1. Discuss – open the gates and put the right players together. “We are not winning and are not getting the results we need. What do we need to do to get back on track to our goals? We are losing the game, and we need to get back to winning.”

When I coach sports, I make changes, ask questions, and discuss. It might take a bit longer in business, but it is still the same.

Discuss and create the answer so you can make the adjustment. In sports, halftime is over quickly, and we need to get back to the game. In business, we many times hesitate. Do you think we can spend forever thinking about the halftime adjustment? We can’t. The longer you wait, the higher your chance for defeat. Half-time is over; let’s get back to the game.

  1. Communicate – again in sports, once we finish the discussion, we make a decision and communicate it to the team. Chart it out, scream it out. Push – demonstrate. Make sure the players understand how the second half will go.

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Same in business. We know what we need to do – here is the plan. Make these changes – this is not working, fix it, drop it, or replace it. As the leader, you are the coach; you have to get them to listen, accept and go.

Do you think the great coaches wait – no. They tell the team, “Here is what we will do, now let’s make it happen. Half-time is over; the game goes on.”

  1. Execute – Do it. Stop thinking about it – do it. Implement, make the change and go for it. Just as in sports – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Be clear. The point is really simple, make the adjustment, and you have a shot at winning. Or don’t make them, and your chances are much less.

If you are hesitating on making those halftime adjustments, please get some help. One key piece is my book on decision making. Please check it out on Amazon.

“Make A Decision – Will you Please.”

In business, personal life, and most other stuff, halftime adjustments can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Our mission is to help you create success. One of the ways my business partner and I do this is through our amazing tool – Covert Leadership Training. This amazing 6-day training, two days a month over three months, will take your leaders to whole new levels of success. Halftime adjustment is just one aspect. Please check out our website or call me direct.

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