Hire the Right Players

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Hire the Right Players


Are you hiring the right players or you are settling for the ‘OK’ people?


Are you looking for people who are going to take your 0261organization to the next level or you are just filling in with warm bodies?


Today, post-pandemic, we have seen some different things going on with employees.

Some are not coming back.

Some because they are not ready, and some because you no longer need them.

Perhaps you have decided that the person has not performed well for a really long time.  You ask yourself, “Do I really need to bring them back into the organization at this point or any point?”

Those are the kind of things that are happening when it comes to employees in today’s world.

But the questions to you are – as someone said a long time ago

Are you hiring the right people for the bus?

Are you putting the right people on the bus?

On your ship?

In your building?

Or are they just bodies?

This week, I want you to take a step back and do an assessment of the team you have and ask yourself some simple questions. “Knowing what I know today and if this person’s position was open, would I hire this person? Would they be my first choice? Would they even be a choice?”

Ask yourself these questions and be honest.


I think you’ll begin to see what you might not want to see.

You have some wrong people on the bus.


The question is, “What are you going to do to make sure you have the right resources going forward?”


Let me share with you today the three keys that will help you in making this happen in your organization. This is our weekly coaching.

When you are looking to hire the right people, these tips will help you to do it better, smoother and more effectively.

1.   Let as many people as you feel comfortable with talk with the candidate.

Let as many as you can look at the candidate.

Get as much feedback as you can from those who are already part of your team.

I work with companies today -helping them develop a hiring team that makes it happen.

A team of 3-6 people who all need to say ‘OK ‘before a hire is made.

They are solid employees who work for you.

They know how to assess talent because you have helped them learn.

The key that makes this work is that unless it is unanimous to hire, you do not make the hire.

Yes, it takes more time.

Yes, it is frustrating at times.

But how much frustration have you dealt with in hiring the wrong people?

Note: You may only have 2 or 3 people on your team depending on the company size.

As an entrepreneur, you get overwhelmed, you are way too kind and you trust way too much.

Your people are going to help you in making a better decision when it comes to hiring.

Get more people involved in the hiring process and watch what happens.

2.    Give prospective employees a test.

I know many of you do not like personality tests.

But many of the positions you need to fill need detailed people.

And when you ask a prospect if they are detail-oriented, they always seem to give the same answer, “Oh, yes I am.”

But how do you know?

And how many times have you made a mistake?

What has it cost you?

There are many great testing tools out there that can tell you if someone is detail orientated or not, and can also answer other questions you need answers to, i.e., personality skills, listening and so on.

So many mistakes are made by not testing in the hiring cycle.

You may not like it, but you have to do it.

Get the team to look at them and test them.  You need to do both.

4.  Check them out

The final process is to do some research on the prospective employee.

We have the internet.

We can do much research.

We don’t need to be surprised; we can find many of the answers.

Plus there are actually organizations that can do this for you.

But you can do most of it yourself.

Also, be cautious; do not believe all you learn.

But before you bring in a candidate, do some research on them.

Then ask them and see how they react.

You can look at their faces and see the real answer

These three things alone will help you greatly in bringing in the right people on your bus.

Let more people look at them.

Test them.

Do your homework on them.


This is your coaching lesson for today.

These are some of the things I can help your organization with. Help you and your organization become a better, stronger and super organization. If you want to learn more about making it happen for you, your organization, your team, then connect today and schedule a meeting with me.


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