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Extraordinary – what does it mean to you?








Is that where you want to take yourself and your company?


What does it take to be extraordinary?


What can you do to attain that level of extraordinary?


What would be being extraordinary do to your organization?


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Well – only one way to find that answer – start down that path today.


But the question is– what is holding you back?


Today I want to examine 3 things that could be holding you back from being extraordinary and what you can do about them.



1/      The Cost?

            Is the cost to become extraordinary too high for you?


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            Cost being both time and money.


            How many times do we hear – “we are doing OK.”

            Did you know that doing OK is one of the greatest enemies of doing incredible?


            Furthermore, you know to be good is a cost.

            But to be extraordinary is an investment.2D-2


            First thing you have to do is commit to spending both the time and the money you need to get there.   Both of these are a stress to you as the leader. 

But, without committing to them, you are not going to go down that road.  Take some time to look at this.



2/      The Vision?

            Do you see what you really want to be?

            Do you see where you really want to take this organization?


            Or is it too far out?

            Is it fuzzy?

            Might it be beyond your reach?


            As we have talked about a number of times, to make it happen in the physical you have to see it happening in your mind first.

            Build it in your mind.

            Believe you can do it.


            Second task for this week is to create that vision in your mind.  Picture where you want this organization to go.  See it going there.  See it happening. 


Then share all that with your team. 


Let them see it on you, in you and through you. 

Let them see that you know the organization can get there. 

Get them on board.


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3/      The right players!

            Do you have them?

            Both inside and outside your organization?


            Are they on board with the vision?

            Are they capable of helping you get to where you want to be or are they kicking and screaming as you drag them forward into the new world?


            Growth causes stress and that stress can either make it happen and get you there, or break you in the process.


            Is your team with you?

            Are they helping to drive the process?

            Are they willing to do what has to be done to make it happen?


            One sad point we all have to face at times is that those that got us there, may not be those that can take us to the next level.


            Remember that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  What is the level of your leadership team?  How does it average out?


            A major key to success is surrounding yourself with players who are smarter that you.  Who challenge you.  Who keep you working just as hard as they are.  If you have to do all the driving, then you are going to burn out.


            Third task – examine your team.  Take an honest look.  Get some help looking.  Many times, they are the right players, but at times we can also get blinded.  Do what you have to do in order to surround yourself with the best players.



There you have it.  Make that commitment today that you are going to do it.

The cost, the vision and the team.

Get them in line and rolling forward.


Need some help, then let’s talk.

Give me a call today and let’s make it happen.


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