Get the right People on the Bus – Business Challenge Pre-event video 12 days to go

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Are you ready to Fix Your 1-20 Million Dollar Business?

Then you need to be in on our challengephoto 1


The basic argument is that companies in the modern economy, especially now post coronavirus, will Rise and Fall based on their ability to attract and retain “A” Players


How are you doing with that?

Would you like to be doing better?

Could you use some help?


Steve Jobs but is very well in his book when he said the trouble with “B” players is they are afraid and they hire “C” players.


If you have some “A” players, then how can you keep them and help them

How do you find these “A” Players?


You need to be in on the challenge.


Fix Your 1-20 Million Dollar Business? Day 1 will address this issue.

To find out more about the challenge click here.

If you have any questions prior to during or after the challenge, you can always email me.