Are you working the best prospects

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Joe came into the office, turned on the CRM, pulled up a list and started making calls.


Sammy came in and she started on a list that she had on her desk; she started trying to connect.


Joel came in, signed on the CRM and said, “Give me a list for this area,” and he started trying to connect with them.


Well, we take our hats off to these 3 salespeople because they started to do one of the most important things salespeople should be doing, which is trying to connect with people.


The problem is that sometimes your best salespeople work this way and yet their results are weak.

What if you took them and tweaked the process just a little bit, so the list they were working with was the best list for them?

Would that make a difference in their numbers?


The answer is, of course it would make a difference.

Stop letting anything hold you back.  Stop Settling.  Go for the gold.
Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.


Who you call makes all the difference in the world.

How are you doing, as an organization, in putting the best qualified leads in front of your salespeople, or in front of yourself if you are the salesperson for your organization?  This little thing has a great effect on the sales success of your organization.


How do you make sure you are working the best prospects?


Today we will cover 3 ways to help you do this better as an organization.


1/        Use some type of lead value indicator

            Infusionsoft calls it flames.

            Other products call it stars.

            Some may talk about percentage to close indicator.


            It is some indicator on the prospect’s record that tells you that this person has been taking action that you want them to take. Action that indicates they are interested in what you are selling.  In other words they open emails, they click on links, they download offers, they fill out forms, they call.

            All of these raise the value of the lead.

            In a tool like Infusionsoft it will raise the number of flames.

            In our organization, we say the best prospects on the list are those with 5 flames.

            These are people who are consistently doing the maximum number of interactions.

            They are active.

            They are hot.


2/        Manage the expiration date of your product/service.

            If you are selling a product/service that has an expiration date, you should have a process that makes you aware of those whose date is coming up and whose product is expiring.  How soon this takes place will depend on the buying cycle.  30, 60, 90 days or more. 


            You need a process so your sales team is connecting with those accounts.  Those are primary, whether they are a current customer or a prospect.   Understanding when the buying time is coming is so key. Those coming into the cycle are hot, and they are people you should be connecting with. 


3/        Follow up tradeshow leads.

            This is one of the things that is so abused.

            It really fascinates me.


            Having spent time in the tradeshow industry as a vendor, I am amazed that people go to major shows with hundreds and thousands of exhibitors.  They bring home 200-300 and more leads.  They work 2-3 and they never get to the rest, so they just die off.


            This happens all the time in so many companies.


            If people have been to your booth at a show, talked to you at the show, and shown an interest, you need to go after them.


When you get through these three processes then you can start working other things.  However, the fact is that these are 3 of the best prospects your sales team can go after.


So instead of just creating just a list, produce a fire list. 

One that is burning hot.

One that is on fire.

One that is going to help your sales team be successful.


Your list of prospects drives your sales success.


So if you need some help in this area, let’s set up a 15-minute call on a date and time that works best for you.  Let me help you increase the value of your leads so your team can increase your sales. Click here to schedule today