10 ways to get to NO faster

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10 ways to get to “NO” faster and move on to prospects who say “YES


Say “no” as soon as you know it is “no.”

Do not keep sales people or others hanging.

They may be disappointed but better now than later.

Learn to say “no” as soon as you “know.”





So many times, we waste so much time in trying to sell people who are not going to buy.




To be successful in sales today you have to get to either “no” or “yes.”

You can spend your life in “someday” and “maybe” but you will not make money.


Today I share 10 ways to get to “NO” faster and move on to prospects who say “YES.”


Stop spending time with people who cannot, will not, or are not interested in buying and start going after those who can.


Take your sales to new levels of success.


1/     Ask: “Do you have a budget for this product/service? “

What is it?

Do you have the money to make this purchase?


If they don’t have the money, why are you here?

Or do you have a way to finance it – make it happen?



2/     Stop giving them a way out of making a decision, so they feel good.

Make it easy and simple for them to say “no.”

But move them to make a decision.


Ask the tough questions.

Not, “I will get back with you.”

Or “Let me call next week.”

Or “Do you want to think about it?”



3/     Ask for the order.

Ask clearly for the order.

Let me get the paperwork started.

Are you ready to commit?

When would you like to start?


Close the deal.



4/     Shut up and let them make the next move.

Say nothing.



Let them make the move.

Many times, they will buy themselves.

Dealing with silence is one of the greatest skills of successful sales people.



5/     Ask if they can make the decision or have to get others involved.

As early in the process as possible you need to ask this.

Before you waste time.


If they cannot make the decision, then you have to get to the one who can.

Don’t spend all your time, money and effort in selling the wrong person.

Then having to do it all over again.

If it has to go in front of the board, ask to be there.



6/     Ask, “when can we expect a decision?”

If you cannot get a decision today.

The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!

When can we expect it.

Tomorrow morning?

Next Wednesday after lunch.

3 Months from now.


If they cannot narrow it down, they might just not be a buyer.



7/     Ask if they are ready to sign, now.

Can we get this contract signed right now?

This looks like a go, when can we get this signed off?

So, you are in, let’s sign.



8/     Ask. “if we meet your requirements today, will you sign.”

If we can make that change, will you sign right then?

Can we get this signed right now?



9/     Ask what is stopping them from signing right now.

Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.
Follow up is the number one issue holding people back from selling more.

You seem to be hesitating, what is holding you back?

Have we not met your needs?

Is there something else I need to do before you sign?

What is stopping you from signing right now?


10/    Make the “NO” decision for them.

I assume that is “no” and so let me pack up?

I see you are not ready to buy, thank you.

I appreciate your time, but I don’t think you are ready to buy.



The faster you move on, the more business you will do.

It is amazing how much time we spend selling to people who we know are not going to buy – just move on.


Relationship building is not getting put off forever.


Remember, just because it is “no” today does not mean you will not do business together in the future.

It simply means not now.

Now gather your stuff and move on.

Next please.


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