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Outstanding Results come from Outstanding Leaders – Part 2

***From Chapter 7 of 10 Keys to Great Leadership Book*****mannynowak ebook

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed part one of the piece last week.  Today we move on to part 2.

But first a simple recap of the 5 pieces from part 1

1/         Measure

            You will never know if you are getting the results you want unless you have some type of measurement. 

2/         Expectations

            Understand what you expect.

            Understand what all those you are responsible for expect.

            Understand what all those you report to expect.

3/         Discipline

            There is the word again.  Didn’t we just cover that a couple of chapters back?  If you don’t have the discipline to stick with the task and help others stick with it, how can you ever expect any results?

4/         Consistency

            You have to do it all the time, every time. 

5/         Plan

            You can talk about it all day long.  You can think about it all the time.  Yet you still might never achieve it.  Without a plan of what you are going to do, you are never going to make it happen. Yes,


Today let us go on to numbers 6-10.

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