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Leaders Must be Warriors, not Worriers


Today, I want to share 10 things that can help you move from being a worrier to a warrior.


  1. Nothing happens until you make a decision – except worry

  2. You achieve what you focus on.  

  1. Action creates results – worry creates ulcers, headaches and many other physical alignments. 

  1. Stop listening to all the negative, focus on the positive instead. 

  1. Look at what is working and see how you can improve it.

  1. Discuss your worries with your team, address them as a team. 

  1. Look at the options and make the best decision you can with the information you have. 

  1. If you make a mistake or fail.  Learn from it, correct it and move forward.

  1. No matter what we do, the sun comes up every morning. 

  1. How you lead is how your team leads – set the right example. 


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