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The tools and technics you need to be successful in writing your book


Interview with Ben Gioiaben headshot


Write your book in 5 weeks – listen as Ben helps you find the path to your book.

Want or need to write a high-quality book fast.

This is the podcast for you.

Great personal story of how Ben actually used this to write his own book.


Ben wants the best outcome for the people he is serving.


Great passion by Ben for this process which he shares with you in all he does.



Key Positioning Currency.

You need to have this


Using your book to present yourself and your skill set.



Ben has a great background in magazines including help with launch of the AARP Magazine.


He also did some great work in Non-profit world including work with ALS.



Figure it out.


When you hire – look for the person with the potential.



Sitting down and writing a book is a great way to:

  1.   Clarify your thoughts

  2.   Expand your thoughts or

  3.   Distill your thoughts.


What is the strategic use of this book you are writing


So much easier to get speaking gigs when you have a book.

Ben is also a great professional speaker.


You can also turn pieces of your book into marketing materials.


A books is a tool that you can use in your process.

Use it to help your business.



What is stopping you from writing this book?



Ben can help you:

Write the book

Publish it

Position it and

Launch it.


99 days

Write in 5 weeks – some people it takes longer, but that is OK.

1-2 weeks editing

5 weeks for positioning – then building to launch date.


Connect and learn how Ben does it very successfully and uniquely.

Connect today.



Conversation with Ben is worth making time for – get on a call today.


You Gift – a fun tool, help focus your thinking in this area.

Self-assessment and check list

Look at your positioning, what you have in place.

ID and understand the most important positioning stuff.

Helpful tool that can help you with your thinking on this process.

Help with Action steps.

Get it today.




Connection Data for Ben:




Ben Gioia on linkedin.



Get on a call with Ben, link right on his web page.

Definitely worth the call – even if you are not sure.



Great conversation and knowledge sharing with Ben.