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059  Podcasts and Generating Leads

 Special Guest:  Bonnie Groessl

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Subject:  Business Building

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

Life happens and things change

Living your dream

Bonnie has 2 weekly podcasts of her own and has had for a while.

A podcast can get you an online presence

But remember in podcast – you must always have a call to action.

Get people on your list.

Generate leads

If you are not a great speaker – then you can interview people.

You can record a bunch of shows in one day and then release week by week.

You can do a series of shows which can come from a long process split into pieces.

How can you identify your topic.

   Very similar to figuring out what you want to write about.

   What do you talk about all the time as it is?

   What are you an expert in?

Podcasting is so much easier than doing radio.  You can do it at anytime and then release when ready.

Format for podcast.



   Solo or with a guest.

  Combination seems to work the best for Bonnie

How to you get people to know about the podcast.

Bonnie uses Libsyn. which is a very popular hosting services which I also use.


Bonnie takes the link provided by Libsyn and then shares it.

There is a great deal you can do on social media

Libsyn also gives you stats back on who and how much people are listening.

You also get this in iTunes.


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How often should you do a podcast?

Consistence is more important than how often.

Stick with the time frame you define and keep it up.

You can offer freebees on the podcast to get people involved.

Get people who have just published books on you podcast.

Ask people, it is amazing who will come on.

You never know what people will get inspired by what you said and want to connect.  Make sure they can.

You heard Bonnie’s own story of the lady on vacation.

Measurements on podcasts:

Stats are very important and you can get them from your provider.  You might just be amazed at who is listening and where they are in the world.


Have a goal and a plan – avoid the shinning objects


Podcasting is an amazing way to get your message out there.


Bonnie’s target market – holistic minded entrepreneurs that have a message to share.



            Website:  www.BonnieGroessl.com




       You can get to all the other websites and all the information to help you from this site.


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How to find the podcast

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Final word:

Believe in yourself – anything is possible.


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