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057  Consistent Selling Keeps Your Business Growing

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Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.


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The number one reason that companies go out of business – do you know?

They fail to increase sales


If you are not increasing sales, you are decreasing sales.

You see, if you are not growing, you are dying.


1/        Your sales for this year must exceed your sales for last year.

            Always have a sales goal.

            Always set that goal a little higher than you think you can do.

            Always exceed it.



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2/        Always put time, energy and priority into selling

            I don’t care how big your company is.

            I don’t care how long you’ve been doing this.

            I don’t care if you think you have the market under your control.



3/        The CEO/business owner should never think that anything comes above selling.

            If you at the top of your organization are not focused on selling and increasing sales…

            Then sales are not going to increase.

            Selling has to be a priority.



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