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056 Ready, Fire, Aim

Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

 The problem, have you failed to be truly  “Ready”.


Do you have a well-put-together plan that gets you there?


Today I will cover the 3 steps as they relate to sales and marketing, strategy, tactics and action.




The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!





1/        Strategy.

Do you really know what it is you want to go after?

What your strategy is – who are you going after?

2/        Define the tactics that are going to help you implement that strategy.


Now, once you have the strategy set, then you need to define the tactics that are going to make that happen. What is it going to take to implement the strategy?


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3/        You have to take action.

Remember that if you are not taking action – you are not moving.

It is not going to happen

Ready, fire, aim, but if you are not ready, get ready first.






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