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048 How to Get the Best Answers – Brainstorming versus Mindstorming

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Subject:  Problem Solving

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You sit around in a room with two or more people and, as a group, try to come up with 20 answers to a specific problem or question. There’s no judgement and no wrong answers. Just shout-out your answer and we put it on the list.



You sit down, think about a problem, and come up with 20 answers.  No judgement, no wrong answers. Just write them down as you go along.


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When we brainstorm, not everyone gets involved.


The net result – we may lose some of the best ideas.


So next time you need to solve a problem


1/         Write the problem down and give it to all your team members.  Have then mindstorm 20 answers to the question. Tell them they can’t stop until they get to 20.  Then remove the duplicates and make a master list.

2/         Send the master list to all the members and have them review it on their own.

3/         Then, and only then, come together as a team and decide on the best answers to the problem.


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