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047 The art of Story Telling and video in lead generation with guest Ivan ArmstrongIvan-Armstrong

Subject:  Lead Generation

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

 Stories are basic to human nature.

Animated video and live video are happening today.

How to use these in your lead generation process.

Animated video stories sell themselves


How do you explain what you are doing so people will take the buying action.

If you are not using video in your marketing, you are leaving money on the table.

If you are not using it right, same answer.

Everybody loves a good story

We listen, we pay attention.


How are you going to capture the prospects attention

We have the hero – struggling

In comes the expert giving our hero the plan



The hero is your customer

What is in it for me.

Tell their story

Specially with animated video


You can also use Motion graphics  – no people in the video

When you cannot use cartoon characters


Kind of video’s work for lead generation




Home page video is a must today – or at least in your site.

Create a character -use it in the story.

Share it everywhere

Video can engage people

Live video testimonials are watched

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Better not to auto play – let your user hit the start play button


Home page is a good place to put this.


Video show that you understand and here is the benefit to them.

How is my life going to look after I deal with you.




Depends a lot on the length

Ivan takes care of you and all your needs a-z

Strategy session

Profession script writer

Do not want to take that much of the customers time.

Voice – you can get whatever you want.





If you are confusing and losing prospects – this could be a great solution for you.


Video can set you apart from the competition.

Help you compete against the bigger companies.


Jump off the cliff and build your airplane on the way down.



You can show a video and when you get to a certain spot – you can stop and require you viewer to enter their email to see the rest of the video

Personalized video email

Another tool you can use


If you are not using video – please start

Cell Phone

Facebook live



How to get 40% more email opens?

(Video) Then the actual subject



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