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030   Winning Starts with Attitude

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Subject:  Attitude

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Attitude creates the winner



That’s why those without the best talent, skills, and abilities still end up winning.



You come out instead and say,

“I am going to blow my quota away, period, no doubt about it, plain and simple – blow it away.”


When it comes to “Targeted Lead Generation” we are always talking about methods and techniques that’ll make you a winner.  These are all very important and necessary, but if you do not have the attitude – they will not make you the super star you can be.


Hard prospecting and mission targeting. An attitude that not doing it is not even on the table.



This week your call to action:


1/         Whatever your goal for sales is – have the attitude that – I am going to blow it away.



2/         Now saying it is the start.

            Believing it inside is step 2.


3/         Build a Plan.

            How are you going to do this?

            What do you need to do to make it happen?

            Write a plan of action.


4/         Do it.

            Stop talking about it, and make it happen.


5/         Enjoy the rewards that the right attitude can bring you.

            While all the rest complain – you just go make it happen.




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