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026 All People Who Work For Me Are Selling

Lead Generation – The Art and Science of How To

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Subject: Get all your people to sell for you!

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Everyone in your organization is a lead source.


Working in the tradeshow labor industry and since I was not from that industry, I looked at things a bit different.

Saw you teams putting up exhibits and touching the customer over and over and over again, yet they were never trained or respected in sales.

We taught them a few tricks

Gave them business cards

They got amazing results.


I simple tell them to give everyone a card.


Everyone in your organization must sell!



How many of you have listened to the commercial on Pandora or another source where a person was just robbed and they call a security company.

The victim is very distressed about their house being robbed and is looking for some answers to get a security system.

What would you do if you were the person who made the call?


I wrote the book a few years ago entitled, “All People Who Work For Me Are Selling.”

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Do all your people have a positive attitude about your organization all the time?



What happens when someone talks badly about a company?

Does it matter that you were just thinking of talking with him about business?


Did you just change your mind?



How does the attitude in your organization stack up?



Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) brought in beds for his people to sleep in.

They slept and worked and slept and worked, sometimes leaving only once a week. Now I call that dedication. Would your people do that for you? If not, why not?


If they did, wouldn’t that kind of dedication make a difference?

Wouldn’t that kind of dedication take your company to new levels of success?


What vision have you laid out for them? If I ask your people to explain your company’s vision, could they tell me?


Have someone outside your organization ask them. The answers will be revealing.



I always use the success story at the beginning

But I have a bunch more

Working for an IT development company – again they were having problems with sales, but could not figure it out.

Yet, once we started asking some simple questions to the developers – we got amazing answers and helped the company grow.

Simple stuff the developer would tell us – that will never get used.

Yet somebody felt it was important

It didn’t





Amazing thing is the investment is almost zero

Maybe some cards – $20

Maybe a training 1-2 hours

The results, if you have a 50 people company and 5 sales people

You just 10x your sales team

What do you think will happen?

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.


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