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TLG/001 – Targeted Lead Generation

Facebook Marketing with Coach Manny 0028


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Subject:  Facebook Advertising


Building your list – not just click put click and take action.

You need both or it doesn’t work.



Identify in as much detail as possible, who is your target?

The tighter the more effective.


Geographic – could be greater Philadelphia.

Company size –  under 1 million.  2-10 million.   over a Billion

Industry – plumping contractors

Income level:  Over 100k

Title:   CEO


Only people meeting all these will see ad.  You select who you want to see the ad.


Custom list

Lists you might have already in excel or one of your other tools.

if you have

Name and any of the following or all of them





Send list to Facebook, if they can find them, they create a list for you.

Now, using this list, the only people who see your ad is the people on this list.





How To:

Go into Facebook – select create and ad.

Select a headline that will get people’s attention

A sub heading that enforces it even more


When they click on your ad – they must go to a custom landing page – never to your home page.



Name and email



People who see ad

People who click ad

People who take action – this is the number that matters


Costs – you set your limits

Do not hold to this, but average we have found is .30 to 1.30 per click

You can try this for $5 or less a day and get ads.

Less than $150 a month



Building your funnel


Don’t people your prospects are not on Facebook – they are.


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856 358 4021


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