Winning Starts with Attitude

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“Winning cannot become your habit unless defeats have torn you apart

and you sit in the battle field

stitching back yourself

one piece at a time

laughing in the faces of all defeats.”

― Chetan M. Kumbhar


Without attitude, you can be the best at what you do, know everything about what you’re doing and have all the talent you need – yet still not win!


Attitude creates the winner.



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That’s why those without the best talent, skills, and abilities still end up winning.


Whether you like the New England Patriots or not (I am not a fan), you still have to respect their attitude.


Every season starts with the attitude that “We are going to win the Super Bowl!”




What if you had that same attitude in your business?2D-2


I am not just going to exceed my quota – instead I am going to blow it away.


While most sales people complain, “My quota is too high.”

While they whine and are constantly negative.


You come out instead and say, “I am going to blow my quota away, period, no doubt about it, plain and simple – blow it away.”


When it comes to “Targeted Lead Generation” we are always talking about methods and techniques that’ll make you a winner.  These are all very important and necessary, but if you do not have the attitude – they will not make you the super star you can be.


I had a great opportunity when one of my coaching clients came to me and told me, “I just hit 300% of the goal this week.  Not exceeded, but blew it away.” 




Hard prospecting and mission targeting. An attitude that not doing it is not even on the table.


So, tell me what are you going to do to get your attitude right?


This article is the start of a series of articles on attitude and how to make it part of your process. 


How to take your goals and blow them away. 


How to excel to new levels of success.


This week your call to action:


1/         Whatever your goal for sales is – have the attitude that – I am going to blow it away.


2/         Now saying it is the start.

            Believing it inside is step 2.

            Back to our story about the Patriots – the proof is in the pudding, they don’t just say it, they believe it in their hearts and as history shows us – they do it.


            Remember last year’s Super Bowl – we all went to sleep at half time knowing Atlanta had done it, only to wake up and find we were wrong.


            No matter where you are right now – get that attitude to blow the goal away and do it.



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3/         Build a Plan.

            How are you going to do this?

            What do you need to do to make it happen?

            Write a plan of action.


4/         Do it.

            Stop talking about it, and make it happen.


5/         Enjoy the rewards that the right attitude can bring you.

            While all the rest complain – you just go make it happen.



Yes, it does all start with attitude.

“I am going to blow my quota away.”


If you are not in sales – apply this same process to your goals.

Then blow them away.



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