When It Stops Working – Stop Doing it

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Is it really that simple?



Every year, this company went to a big tradeshow and gathered hundreds of leads.  Yet, only the few hot leads were worked.  How do we change this to make it work?


Getting time sheets from the consultants on time was a nightmare for the billing department, but this was the way it had always been done.  Is it time to change the process?


This is how we hire new people.  Yes, it was the process built when we had only 5 people. But if it worked for 5, why not 50?  Look at the results and tell me why.


How many processes do we have in place that don’t work any longer, or they produce poor results?

Yet, we keep them in place and keep doing them.



We may simply not be aware of the problem.  Yet, someone is.

We may like the processes and not want to eliminate them.

We may just be too busy to care.


But these outdated processes are causing problems with your success and your path forward.  They could be costing you real time and dollars. Plus, please understand that a bad process can lead to a bad attitude.  People hate doing things they know don’t work, right?


But give them a chance to get involved in the solution– wow!

Let’s look at some things you can do to improve the process.


1/        Empower your teams

To make changes they see that are needed.

To bring it to the surface and the attention of you and others.

Encourage the team to look for better, more productive ways to make things happen.

Don’t just give it lip service– do something about it.



2/        Celebrate New Ways.

Never let failure stop you from building your life and going after the gold.
Never let failure stop you from building your life and going after the gold.

When you make changes, celebrate it.

Make a fuss about the new process and how it was effectively changed.

If it was your process that was bad, make it funny and ask, “How did I ever do that?”

Let everyone know.

Give credit when due.


Trash the old.

Bring in the new.

You will be amazed.



3/        Share the results.

Let people know, monetarily if it is a big deal financially.

This is not the objective.

Yet, if a team saves you 100k a year, do you think giving them 10k is OK?


When it stops working, throw it out.

Implement a program today and watch what happens.


Get your people to help design the new solution.

Whether you have 1000 people or 4 people,

It is amazing what happens when you give them the freedom to ask questions and make changes.

You can take your company to whole new levels of success.


If you need help or you just have some questions, we should have conversation.

Leadership means change.

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