Video is a Must Today To Build Your Business

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Are you using video in your business today?

Do you have a video on your website?

Can people find you and see you in action?


If not, you might just want to re-think the process.


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Video is a must for your lead generation process.

Many people are visual.

You can write great stuff, but some people want to see it.

Therefore, you really need to consider using video.

If you are already using it, you might just want to think of using it more.


When we talk video, many people begin to see dollar signs.

However, there are two things to remember:

1/      Video is not cheap, but it is also not that expensive.

2/      You can do some of it by simply using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


You do not have to do all your videos professionally, but you should have a mix of professional videos and self-shot stuff. My own coaching video was done by a professional video company, but I shoot most of my regular stuff myself. The mix is very important, and you should talk to a great video company to better understand which resources to use and where. (If you need a good vendor, connect with me.)


As we stated, you can create a video that can be featured on YouTube, other video sites, and/or on your website.


I embed many of my videos in my weekly blog posts. This process is simple: I take the code YouTube gives me and simply paste it in my blog. Then, when you see it, you see the video and can click to watch.


Also, when you include a video in your social media post, platforms will actually take the title and some of the text from YouTube and load it right on the post.


Today’s buyers want to see what you have and what you can do.

Do a video.

Do a bunch of videos.

Do some professionally; do some yourself.

Put them out on social media.

People love videos!

People respond to videos.

I get a great deal of business because people have watched my videos and better understand what I do, who I am, and how I can help them.


You might be a printer.  So how can you use video?

How about a visual walkthrough of all the things you can print?

I see you do business cards – you show me dozens.

I see you do business forms, WOW!

I see you do tradeshow stuff.


You not only show me your product, but you show me how people use them.

Someone might just give you a call after seeing your video.


People today are visual; they want to see who you are and what you do.

So give them some video to watch.

Stop holding back.


Article based on Chapter 28 of Targeted Lead Generation by Coach Manny Nowak.

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