Time Is the New Money

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The successful sales recipe , selling, technology, and time.


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You can have all the money you want – but without time to do something with it – how much is it really worth?  How much does it really matter?


If you lose all your money, you can still go out and do it all over again.

If you lose all your time, it is gone forever; there is no getting it back.


You can recover money but not time.

That is why time is the new money.

That is why you need to have a method to maximize your time and then enjoy your money.


Today, we start this journey by talking about the time element.


I want to share 3 Keys that will help you get started down that path.

Then, in the coming weeks, we will expand on each and help you learn more.


So, Time is the New Money


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What does it mean?2D-2


1/        You need to start thinking in 90-day windows.

            In the book, The 12 Week Year, the author starts you down the road to thinking of things in 12 weeks instead of 12 months.


            We take that process and build around it a little differently, but with outstanding results.

            Every year in the final quarter, we do so much more business than we ever thought we could.  We make our numbers.  Our sales are so much higher.  It is amazing how much harder we work.  What would happen if we worked that hard all year?


            Why do our sales go up at that time?

            Is it because it is so much easier to think and work in 90 days than in 12 months?


            What are you going to accomplish in the next 90 days?

            Sit down and make a list of the goals.

            Then the tasks to make those goals happen.

            Then go do it. 

            If you start thinking in 90-day pieces, you will be amazed at how much you can get done.


2/        You need to have a weekly plan.

            What are you going to accomplish this week?

            Where do you need to be?

            What things must get finished this week?

            What things do you want to get working on this week?

            Who do you have to see?

Stop letting anything hold you back.  Stop Settling.  Go for the gold.
Stop letting anything hold you back. Stop Settling. Go for the gold.

            Every week, before Monday morning, you need to put together a list of all the things you need to accomplish this week and put each into a category (selling, product development, people development, etc.)

            Then sort them by category.

 You now have a plan. This is a list of what you need to get done this week.

            Usually, it is way too big, so go through there, cut stuff out, prune it down to a list that you really can accomplish.  Keep the challenge but not the impossible.


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3/        You need a daily plan.

            You need a daily schedule.

            You need to make sure you stay on it.


            Every evening, before you end your day, lay out the next day.

            Not a list but a schedule.

            This is what I am going to do tomorrow and when.

            Then get up in the morning and do it; follow it like a map.

            The key, don’t let anything take you off mission.

            You should build in some catch-up blocks, but the mission needs to stay on target.

            You will be amazed.

            Schedule more in the morning and get stuff done before noon.


Yes, you can.

I know many of you do not believe it, but this really works.

Over the next few weeks, we will take you into more detail on each of these and help you get even better.


The outcome, you will be amazed at how much more you get done and how much more time you have to do other stuff.


Time is the new money, and I want to have plenty of it. How about you?


Need to learn more, faster? Connect with me and we will get you started on a plan today.



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