Sales Tools, Tools and More Tools!

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It seems there are just plain toomany products out there that claim they can help you sell.

It seems there are just too many services out there that claim they can help you increase sales.


You are not the only one who gets confused, I am there also.


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All of us, even those of us in the business of lead generation and helping companies to increase sales, get overwhelmed by the new shiny object syndrome.  (everything looks so good). 


Daily I listen to many podcasts in my car, or while I am walking.  Most of these are centeredon increasing sales.  Most are centeredon some tool, some process or something new that Facebook or Instagram or Linkedin is doing and it can help increase sales.


However,the question is always, which way do I go?

Should I buy this right now?

Should I do it this week or next week?

How does it fit into my strategic and tactical plans?


But don’t feel like the Lone Ranger out there because you are not.

This is simply what the playing field looks like today.

At Coach Manny and Targeted Lead Generation,one thing we try and do is bring all this to you.  We get you to look at how this fits your strategic and tactical plans going forward.


No one can do it all, butwe try to do as much as we can to help you find the right solution.  In our consulting practice we try and understand, “what is the best tool(s) for you, how long should you stay with them, and how do you stop all the static.  Further, how does it all mesh with yourstrategic and tactical plans?


Today I justwant to hit a couple of points related to this. 

What is the best tool(s) for you?

How do you stop all the static and not get sucked in?


1/        What is the best tool for you?

The answer is, “it depends.”


You cannot just start grabbing tools and trying to implement them into your organization.


You must first understand these simple points:


            A/        Who it is you want to go after – your target market?

            B/        What product(s) or service(s) are you going to offer?

            C/        Is this tool an excellent one to use?

            D/        How does it fit into your strategic and tactical plans.


            Before you start grabbing every tool out there.

            You must take time to understand your business, what you are trying to do, how much you are trying to grow. 



The right tool depends on what you want to do.

The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!


So, don’t get sucked in when a salespersoncomes in, or you listen to a podcast or when you watch a video.

Don’t get convincedthat you must take action right now.


            Step back and ask, how can this tool help me. 

            How does it integrate into my process?

            Does it match against my strategic and tactical plans?



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2/        How do you stop all the static and not get sucked in?


            You see it on a video.

            You listen to a podcast.

            A salespersoncomes in.

            That’s for me, that’s for me.  I got to go there.2D-2


            It can be a bit confusingto all of us.


            So let’s go back and ask the questions again:

                        A/        What is your direction?
                        B/        What is your budget?
                        C/        Where are you already spending your resources?
                        D/        How much additional resource do you have to generate to make this work?
                        E/        What do you know about this tool you are looking at?  Do you know enough?


            It is important to do the research.


            Do not get sucked into every tool out there.


            However,also remember, do not be so cautious that you miss the perfect tool for you.

            Don’t hesitate when you find the product that matches your need and it fits.


That is why it is critical that you built both a solid strategic and tactical plan.


Where do you go from here?


Call me – let’s spend 15 minutes trying to take the covers off this issue and find the right next step for you.


We help organizationslike yours to build effect strategy, tactics and then help you to make it happen.

            Set up 15 minutes and let’s talk.

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