Letting Technology Do What It Does Best So Sales People Can Sell

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This week:  Pick up on point one in last weeks article:

3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Business Owners Make That Keep Them Frustrated About Sales!


We know that people do business with people they like, yet are we putting the right amount of effort into building relationships?


We have the technology today to do almost anything we want when it comes to growing sales and profit – but are we using it?


Both of these are powerful if used correctly and together, they will create an unstoppable process for you.


However, what are you doing to make it happen in your organization?


Today I want to share with you to 3 ways that you can make this happen.


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1/         Commit to making CRM a critical part of your business process.

Stop spending so much time thinking about it.

No exceptions.

Commit to using CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Commit to how you are going to use it.

No other ways will be acceptable in your organization.


Is it hard? Yes.

It takes a great effort and commitment of both time and money?

But, you can never marry relationships and technology to generate sales and profit unless you make the commitment.


I have one client who committed years ago to using CRM and has since watched his business grow tremendously.  Today, he is moving to an even higher end CRM product because he understands what it has done for his business and what more it can do moving forward.


I have seen others who refuse to do it, or just play with it, or look for the cheapest solution and it shows.


CRM is not optional in today’s business world; it is a required.


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2/         Teach yourself and your team relationship building skills.

How to listen – effectively.

How to ask questions that make people think and then shut up and listen to their answers.

How to show the prospect that you are truly interested – that you really do care.

Then really care – don’t just act like you care in order to get the business.

Research and learn about the prospect – stop asking stuff you should know.

The best methods to fill your sales funnel!
The best methods to fill your sales funnel!

Connect at multiple levels within your larger organizations.

Ask for referrals, why would you hesitate. 


Relationship building has never been optional; it has always been key to building business.



3/         Build, document and require everyone to use your follow-up process.

From the time you first meet someone – offline or online, through the entire nurturing process, until you close the business, and then on into a growing and long-term business relationship and referrals.


This is where technology shines. 

This is what CRM does for you – if you make it a standard and a requirement.

This is where you can build automated processes and campaigns that do most of this automatically, or at least let you know what and when.


This is where technology meets relationships and if done right, they work together harmoniously to produce sales and profit.

These 3 processes will set you toward those sales and profit goals you really want to achieve. 


Are you ready to make it happen for you?



Marrying, technology and relationships – online and offline to make you and your business a tremendous success. 


If you are really committed to making this happen for you – then we should talk further.  Let’s set up a 15-30 minute call and learn more about you and your business.



This Article is Adopted from an Earlier Article on Sales and Technology by Coach Manny.