How to Get Your Teams Back to Work – Post Coronavirus

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The Question for All?

Once you get the all-clear about the virus, how will you move your teams back to physically coming into work every day?usmc image 2

Do you have a plan yet?

What are the issues that you are going to have to address?
The Key is to Prepare for What is Next!

Great leaders from the past have dealt with crisis’s and dealt with them successfully.

From Abraham Lincoln and the stress of America coming apart.
To Nelson Mandela in prison for what many through was forever.
To Winston Churchill and the freedom of England.

All had to face great stress and all did it successfully.

But, of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

We are in Crisis Management Mode.

It is a fact of life for your business today.
Today I want to share 5 key items you should be looking at going forward into the next month.

1/       Begin to prepare and understand what you have to do.

           What are the issues you are going to have to look at?
We have identified over 35 of these and are working with organizations to develop implementation plans to make it happen.
Here are a few so you can get the flavor for what has to be done.
           A/       Those employees who are reluctant to come back – how will you handle this?
           B/       Is bringing back employees in waves an option?
           C/       Do you have workers over 55. How will you deal with them differently?
           D/       Child care – how will your workers make sure they are covered?
           E/       Will Masks be required? Who will supply them? What is the process?
           F/        How will you handle personal interaction with employees
           G/       How will you make sure the cleaning is up to what it needs to be.
           These are just 7 of over 30 items we have identified working with organizations so far. And everyday it seems we are finding more.
New Book From The Coach
New Book From The Coach

2/       Build your Crisis intervention team.

           Who, how and where?
           What has to be done to put the right players together to handle the crisis?

3/       Communications.

           With all your players should be at the top of your list.
           Are you in regular contact with your teams now?
           How are you keeping your players aware and motivated?
           Are you asking for their help and their input in moving forward?

4/       Define notification and monitoring systems.

           How will do you keep everyone current as to what is going on?
           Now and during and after?

5/       Build a plan that can be executed to make this happen.

           You need a plan that addresses all these issues and so many more.
           You need to know what you have to do when.
           What the answers are to the questions that you will hear.

This crisis has put many of us on our toes.

But we are good at what we do and even if we have not had to deal with a major crisis in the past, we can work this one, if we prepare.
You will make it through the process and get your organization back on track.  You are a great leader. We have stumbled through a great deal over the past few weeks, but it has been an amazing learning experience for all of us. You are ready to do this and do it very well. Fear is part of the process that makes us strong. This virus will not stop the great leaders of American business like you. You are coming out on the other side on top.

What is the next step for you?

How are you going to make this happen in your business?

If you would like some help, then connect up with me.

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Email:  – send me 3 dates and time to talk and we will make one of them work.

Stay Safe.