How to Fix Your 1-20 Million-Dollar Company

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Running a company in the 1-20 million-dollar world takes a huge amount of disciple, ability and time. It can consume your life and also cause many issues.

Yet the excitement and rewards of doing it right are amazing to you (the owner) and to those who work with and for you.

But the cost of it not working correctly is a major issue that can cost you in health, money and time.


How are you doing running your company today?

Is it doing what you want it to?

Growing as you would like?

Do you have the income and time that you want and need?


Today, I want to share the 5 keys that we will be teaching on during the upcoming business challenge. Each day will bring a new learning during this challenge.


  1. Getting the right players on the bus.


“The basic argument is that companies in the modern economy, especially now, will rise and fall based on their ability to attract and retain “A” Players.”


How are you doing with that?

Would you like to be doing better?

Could you use some help?


Steve Jobs put it very well in his book when he said the trouble with “B” players is they are afraid, and they hire “C” players.


If you have some “A” players, then how can you keep them and help them?


How do you find these “A” Players?



  1. Get the right information in front of you at all times


Do you have the critical information you need to run your business and make decisions?

Available at your fingertips right now?


As a 1-20 million-dollar business – you now can have all this, right there, right now.


  1. How much cash do you have available?
  2. What does your A/R look like?
  3. How much do you need this week to pay you A/P?
  4. How much do you need to cover payroll this week?
  5. What are your sales?


This week, month, quarter

Where are sales compared to budget and projection?

  1. Billings by employee?
  2. Credit lines, credit cards – where are you?
  3. and more!


Everything you need on a simple, easy to ready dashboard.



  1. Getting Your Marketing Dollars to Produce the Best ROI


Are your marketing dollars getting you the greatest ROI?


You are not a Fortune 1000 company.

Chances are you are not a household name.

So you have to learn how to spend your marketing dollars effectively.

Spend them as a 1-20 million-dollar operation.


Spending your marketing in the right places will help your business rock.


Your salespeople will have the leads they need.


You will start to see your company grow.


There are many ways that a business your size can maximize your investment in marketing.


Are you taking advantage of them?

Do you understand how to maximize the return?

Are you ready to learn?


  1. Automation in your business must save dollars


Automation in your business must save dollars – else why are you doing it?


So many times, people ask me about automation because they think they need it.

Because someone else is doing it.

Because a salesperson tried to convince them, or they saw ads on social media and got sucked in.




If you have a process that you need to get done in your business and automation can make it happen faster, smoother and with better results – move forward.

If not, why not focus on something that does?


Spending your automation dollars correctly.

Know what to automate and when.



  1. Even the best leaders use others to help them be even better


Leadership – you cannot do it yourself.

You cannot do it without a process to follow.


Even the best leaders use others to help them become even better.


Effective leadership means


  1. Developing you
  2. Developing your team
  3. Teaching your team to win consistently


In that order!


One of the keys that many people miss about leadership is delegation.


Great leaders get it all done through other people.

You may have been the expert at one time, but now, you have to get it done through others.


Can you?


Are these areas you and your business need help with?

Would you be willing to invest 1 hour a day for a week to help you get there?

If not, then read no further.


But if you are ready to invest your time – then you need to join our Business Challenge.

No financial investment to attend and learn.

5 sessions

August 3-7. 9AM daily

One hour

Plus you can watch the recording if you miss the session.


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