How to Define Your Target Market

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According to Wikipedia:

A target market is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. A well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy.


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Who is your Target Market(s)?

Have you taken time to really define them?

Everyone could in some businesses be a customer – but they are not a prospect.

Further, they are not a target.


You only have so much time, energy and dollars.

If you want to build your business to that high level that you want, you have to take the time to define that target market.


You target market is the key to so much of what you need to be doing.  Where you need to be spending your time, resources and energy.


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Those that are growing and build can tell you to a tee, what their target market is.


How many of you have heard the story – If You Chase 2 Rabbits, You Will Catch Neither One!


In other words, if you are going in too many directions you will use up your energy, you will have no focus and you will catch neither rabbit.

The dog that tries to catch two rabbits at once, ends up without either.

The company that doesn’t have a well-defined target _______?


            Struggles       Loses Money                        Never Reaches its Potential          All these



Great growth requires you to define your target market, or your “avatar” as many are calling them today.


The reason most businesses and most organizations do not do anywhere near as well as they could is simple – they do not target who they really should be going after.


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What is your Bulls-eye?


Most business owners and most sales people just go after everyone and that doesn’t work.



As anyone who has used this bulls-eye approach to marketing knows.

Unless you are in the product or service that is self-defining, this becomes very hard for the average entrepreneur.


What clients do you have currently that you would love to have more of, many more of?

Simple look at your client list and find the 10 best clients you have.

These are the ones who bring in the most profit.

Who are they.

What if you had more of them? 

What if you had many more of them?


Why is it you cannot do this? 

Why is it you are not looking at this as a key factor in growing your company, business, organization or ministry?


Is it because you feel it limits you?

It does, but that limit helps you grow even more.


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