Donald Trump – Master Marketer

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This article is not in support of or against President Trump; it will simply look at the skills this man has for marketing.

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We often let emotion drive our ability to look at things and learn. 

Instead,I ask you to takea moment and ask, what can I learn from President Trump? 

The answer is simple, what you can learn from President Trump is Marketing!trumpphoto1


Today I want to discuss 3keys you should be looking at when you watch this guy through the eyes of the marketing world.


1/        There is no such thing as bad publicity


            I understand that many of you might not like that comment and might not even believe it, but look at the last election. Look at all the bad publicity that President Trump got, all the negative.  Then look at the continued bad publicity he gets. 

            Yetwhen you look at his ratings, they are getting high and higher.

            His visibility is being drivenhigher and higher.

            He is the master ofalways being in front of people.

            He is the master at using social media to drive visibility.


            Now ask yourself, isn’t that what you want for your business?

            Don’t you always want to be in front of people?

            President Trump is the magic man for being out there in front of the people.  Creating that brand recognition. 


2/        He is Solid on what he stands for

            You know the brand, and you know the market.


            Do people know that about you and your business? Do they believe in you and your product? Do you bring that message across?


            President Trump stands strong for what he believes in, andthat is his message, all the time.  That is his brand.


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            You must stand strong for your brand. 

            Narrow it down and stand strong for it.


            So people will always know this is you.


            Many of you fear losing customers and losing market by being narrow.  Forget it. By being narrow,you are actually going to gain. 

            You cannot do everything.

            You cannot be everything to everybody.


            Narrow your market.


3/        Passion150423113932-donald-trump-780x439

            I heard this on another great podcast this week.

            You must have a passionfor what you are doing.


            President Trump definitely has a passionfor what he is doing.

            He is determined to help America be a great nation again.

            When he talks, helets his emotions show, andhis passion comes out, andyou can feel it.

            As the hostofthe podcast was saying, he doesn’t let emotion drive his decision making, buthe is emotional and passionate about what he does. He wants to do what is right for this nation.


You need this to get across to your customer base as well. 

That you want to do what is best for them. 

That your product will help them attain this end, that it is the solution that will help them. 

Let them see it, feel it and become part of the solution because they see it in you.



Like him or not, you must admire President Trump because he is a master at marketing. 

He did it for years in the business world creating a very successful brand and business.

He is doing it as president today – making things happen for the country and leading the country as no one has for many years.  Reestablishing the USA brand worldwide.


Just look at the tweets he puts out, andyou see the passion.  Watch him live and look at what he is doing, and you will see the passion.

Like it or not, what you can learn by watching this man is marketing tothe nth degree.


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