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045 Using Facebook Live for Lead Generation

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Subject:  Sales and Marketing

Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

If you want to touch people who are potential buyers, then Facebook Live could be the right targeted lead generation tool you need.


Just get out there and engage with live video.

            Watch my stuff and learn.

            Watch others and learn.


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Facebook live puts you out there.

 If you do a Facebook live session, it helps people know who you are. 

They get to know you in a real environment. 


Facebook Live gets you in front of people you might not otherwise reach.

            With Facebook live, you are there, now.

            Those people and others like them that you are looking to reach, could be watching.

            Those people you do not even know are prospects, could be watching.



You can interact with your audience.

            This is really cool.

            You can address the people listening.

            They interact with you.

            You can answer questions they have.

            They can share comments and you can discuss the comment.

            It is a great way to find out what your prospects are thinking.

            Video has been an excellent tool for many years.



It is all about engagement and interaction.


            It is your chance to answer questions and share your passion for your product.

            People get you know you and that can open amazing doors for you.


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