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034  Prospecting using Rental Email Lists – how does it work, what can you do – Guest Doug Morneau

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Subject:  Email Marketing

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Prospecting Success Using Rental Email Lists – with Doug Marneau

 Open the top of the funnel and get more leads today.

 Our Guest has a news book coming out:

 3 Big Lies – The Real True About Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales


You can do so many things to generate leads – open field just make sure they are Moral, Legal and Ethical


Email List Rental – all the big guys are using itPodcast-Cover-Final_2

Making great money doing it.

But not talking about it.



You can rent many different people’s list.



Topic of interest

Healthcare – you can rent a list of people who have a certain condition.

They have already agreed to accept emails.

So your audience is amazing because they want to know about what you have


Buy minimum number of names on the list first.

See how it works.

Then get more of the list.


List is rented for one time use


It works because you are borrowing the credibility of the brand you are renting the list from

Instant credibility.


Similar to Affiliate marketing

But you are renting the list.




Social Media doesn’t work

Because you are not using it correctly

Needs to be two way trail

Starting a dialog with 5 people a day has worked for Doug

Engage, connect and add value to people’s lives.



How do people get involved with rental lists.


Talk with your list broker and see if he/she has experience with Rental Email lists.

Talk with someone who specializes in the business – like Doug.


First define who is your avatar

Take your message and generate traffic

Most response come within a day.

Fast results


Subject Line:

Key to success

Authentic, truthful

If you lie in the subject, you set a bad presidence.


Test the subject line.

Create 5 small test groups and look at open rates in each

Then based on opens go with the best one.



Remarking to those that did not convert, but did come to your landing page.



Investment required

Depends on media

            Minimum cost per thousand

            Also minimum cost

            Average cost between $2000 and $5000

            Plus design of content


The emails are sent out from the person you rent the list from.


You can rent a portion of the list – most are very large.

The email  is coming from them.

They want to look at your ad and your landing page before they approve.


Measurement and expectations.


Us Google analytics

Set up different landing pages (can look the same) for each list.

Run a test

Third party measurement tools can help you.






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