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TLG/010 – Targeted Lead Generation

How to Effectively Use A Call Center to Generate Leads.

Today’s guest VSA, CEO Valerie Schlitt
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How to Effectively Use A Call Center to Generate Leads

Cold Calling is not dead 


Making cold calls is critical to the sales process.


Today we will be talking B to B marketing

The list is so critical to your success.


There are many ways to generate your own list including using the web and targeting people who search for certain key words.


Why use VSA?headshot_valerie

Highly experienced

Very successful at making calls

History of making client programs work

Highly involved in the industry

The Best Teams –  High employee retention


Every Client has unique needs which are critical to building the right solution for them.


Success with any program is about delivering results for the clients!


What can a call center do for a business like mine?

Fill the pipeline with qualified leads –

Allowing you to speed up sales –

Generate revenue faster.


Cold Calling is not DEAD!

Most Technology companies have inside sales or outsource it.
Technology makes so much more possible with calling


Proof is that so many large organizations are using inside sales.


How does it work:

VSA must deliver results – they interview and try to make sure the process will work before they take any assignment.

Define how they will work together with you

Understanding client expectations

Develop talking points.

Define emails that will go out

Set up unique call back number(s)

Answer for the client if they want.

Can set up to look just like part of the client team – which they are.

Far as prospects concerned – VSA is part of the client.

We are our client



Target to shoot at

If not up to expectation

Talk to client about making changes to list, script, emails, times.

Of give the client the option to call off the project.


Weekly calls with the clients to update them

Continuously keeping the client up to date

Always a point person for each client.

Measuring and making improvements all the time.


What to watch out for when selecting a call center.

Always get references.

If they cannot work with you – they need to let you know not take the job anyway.

Many kinds of call centers out there.

Look well at the quality of management

Membership in industry organizations

Longevity of the organization – staying power of the organization.

Client retention

Client references

Type of clients they have successfully worked for


Different kind of charge methods

Pay for performance –

Predictable list, message, process and times to call people to get appointments.

Recipe for success


Pay for time – This is what VSA does.

No real recipe – have to build it.

Investing time and effort into making something work.


FInding the right people to make the calls

Find and motivate and keep them productive is hared in an inside sales process.

VSA has done it very well

Priority to train and help the team

After keeping people 90 days – VSA has almost zero turnover

People you use should still be there.

Celebrating successes with the team.




Great success stories busting the projected numbers.

Targeted market


    2-8 sales people
    $20-$50 million sales – Also some Fortune 1000
     Product/Service $20-$80k.
     Technology companies



Cold calling is not dead

But cold calling has changed

No longer pick up phone book and call

Much more sophisticated

Technology used a great deal
Creating custom lists
Nurturing the lists.


Databases available

zoom info


The telephone is the most important tool in clinching that relationship


Connection Data:

Email:  valerie.schlitt@vsaprospecting.com

Website:  www.vsaprospecting.com


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